Top 10 Legal Forms & Templates Sites & Retailers for June 2017
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Legal Zoom is a registered and bonded legal document assistant which was developed by experienced attorneys. It aims to provide easy-to-use and easy-to-create legal documents which are usually processed online. Legal Zoom has become the premier online legal destination not only for small businesses ... read more >
Nolo strives to assist consumers and small businesses in attaining answers to simple legal and business questions in a productive and efficient manner without paying high lawyer rates you might incur when you hire counsel.  The Nolo Network is among the internet's most expansive libraries ... read more >
LegalMatch is a matchmaking service for clients and attorneys. Their goal is to provide customers with a list of attorneys that are qualified in the specific legal field in which the customer needs assistance with. The list of attorneys provided is within the local area of the customer. LegalMatch i... read more >
Finding a great lawyer can be tough especially if you don’t know one. This involves greater cost and even risk. Technology in terms of internet has helped mankind in this tough search through Rocket Lawyer. With Rocket Lawyer, legal work has been made easy and convenient for clients. Attorneys... read more > provides downloadable legal forms for both business and personal needs. The forms are tailored to suit users from specific states and different countries, and they come with a 100% money back guarantee.  Legal documents available for purchase include Wills, which are suitable... read more > is a website operated by Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. and provides access to legal services through a proprietary network of provider law firms through membership based participation. Therefore, this website works like an intermediary between clients and law firms. The categories of... read more >
Net Lawman is a company that provides legal document templates and different law related services. They offer these services to individuals and businesses related to Land and property, Employment, Personal and Internet & IT. Their large variety of products and services include: Legal document... read more >
Every growing business aims to pursue a bigger business in the future after many successful years in the making. With the advances of technology nowadays, one can create a bigger company without the hassle of acquiring expensive packages to organize and create your own corporation. MyCorporation pr... read more >
FindLegalForms Inc. is a world leader in the field of legal templates and provides its customers with a very high quality documents like affidavits and properly titled letters . The website has been around for 13 years and provides a great database of the following items: Affidavits Declarations... read more >
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IncFile is a good choice if you’re not as worried about money and just want to incorporate as quickly as possible. Nolo has a number of fee protections such as their corporate veil package which shields you from $50,000 of personal liability. MyCorporation has the cheapest deal and the most offeri...
Published by Mitchell Wyatt 24 months ago in | +0 votes | 0 comments
Depending on your personal or small business needs, you could potentially benefit from each of these three legal “do it yourself” resources. The real questions to ask yourself are: What specific area do I need help with? What is the exact kind of help I need? Do I need document...
Published by Karla Lant 57 months ago in | +2 votes | 3 comments
Each company offers its own major benefits in terms of cost, ease of use and service offering. RocketLawyer offers a subscription-based pricing model starting at $9.99/month and MyCorporation a flexible pricing option that varies between $69 to $299. Each system is relatively easy to use but LegalZo...
Published by Robin Wilding 57 months ago in | +3 votes | 0 comments
Legal matters are already confusing enough for even the savvy business or home owner, so why complicate the matter further by adding high fees from attorneys, and stacks of paperwork you're required to complete and mail directly to state agencies? Legalzoom cuts down the middleman and provides a...
Published by Lauren Axelrod 59 months ago in | +6 votes | 0 comments
If you're considering setting up a Limited Liability Company (LLC) and you want to keep your costs to a minimum, using an online legal service could prove to be the answer. Whether you need a straightforward LLC formation or need to transfer an existing business or partnership, all the legal doc...
Published by Aunty Ann 59 months ago in | +7 votes | 0 comments
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never printed form for purchase agreement, would like refund
Asked by Gloria Duffy 42 months ago in | 0 answers
Necessary for Affordable and Saving web hosting pakistan: Everyone knows that cyberspace is expanding same anything. All individuals and businesses demand any form of web presence. The first responsibility to set up a website, is a realm itemise and any hosting place. Environment recite is an i...
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Wondering if I sign up for my company (we need 12 users) Legalzoom offers a discounted group rate or business group account?
Asked by Tony Hawk 57 months ago in | 0 answers