Creating an LLC Easily: RocketLawyer, LegalZoom and MyCorporation Compared
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Creating an LLC Easily: RocketLawyer, LegalZoom and MyCorporation Compared

Each company offers its own major benefits in terms of cost, ease of use and service offering. RocketLawyer offers a subscription-based pricing model starting at $9.99/month and MyCorporation a flexible pricing option that varies between $69 to $299. Each system is relatively easy to use but LegalZoom takes the cake in the 'easy' department. In terms of the biggest selection of services MyCorporation really can't be beat, especially with their MaintainMyBiz option.
Covered in this report
RocketLawyer — Best Features
A rockstar-like subscription pricing model great for businesses who regularly need basic legal assistance.
They can hook you up with local legal services--at 40% off--if you ever require more than their wide range of online services offers.
Best for: Ideal for medium-to-large businesses who have a wide variety of on-going legal needs.
Best deal: 50% off Your First Month's purchase - [activate coupon]
Legal Zoom — Best Features
Great add-ons that allow you to customize the services you buy without having to upgrade to an expensive package deal.
Has phenomenal support options and extremely helpful automated guidance that will comfortably and quickly move you through legal processes.
Best for: Beginners who have no idea what they are doing from a legal perspective--their ease of use and hand-holding throughout the process simply can't be beat.
Best deal: New Promotions - [activate coupon]
MyCorporation — Best Features
They offer super competitive pricing but without skimping out on any of the services you'll need.
Their focus, which is the process of incorporation and LLC, is extremely easy to do--making it a top choice for companies seeking a no-fuss, no-muss incorporation process.
Best for: New and small businesses looking for an easy-to-follow incorporation process, with good service but without the confusion of other forms, filings and services.
Best deal: $50 Off With Code SAVE50 - [activate coupon]
OK--so let's start off with some pros and cons--then move on to a more in-depth analysis of which legal-document service is right for you. Below we will look at cost, ease of use and available services...but first the pros and cons of each, RocketLawyer, LegalZoom and MyCorporation

LegalZoom Pros:

  • decent prices

  • GREAT add-ons allowing for customizable packages—and a few of the add-ons are FREE!

  • Super easy to use website

  • Upgradable packages for those looking for more in-depth documents

  • Has good service and support with their real live person-based help

LegalZoom Cons:

  • Not the cheapest option if you plan on doing legal work at regular intervals

  • If you need any support it will cost you a monthly fee

MyCorporation Pros:

  • Cheapest price point for simple incorporation papers at just $69

  • Cheapest trademarking option at just $129

  • Their MaintainMyBiz option is phenomenal (it provides on-going support that you may not know you need!)

  • Their small-business blog and community make it a great place for entrepreneurs to deal with issues that come up.

MyCorporation Cons:

  • Not as easy an interface as LegalZoom's

RocketLawyer Pros:

  • Awesome subscription model that is ideal for companies with a lot of legal stuff going on

  • Plenty of legal documents available—making it perfect for just about anybody

RocketLawyer Cons:

  • Not the easiest/most intuitive interface

  • They don't offer the greatest support, so if you're a total legal newb then they might not be for you.


We might as well start with the most important difference between RocketLawyer, LegalZoom and MyCorporation—their costs. After all, if costs weren't important you would have considered paying the ridiculous hourly price of a local lawyer. 

RocketLawyer offers a rockstar subscription service that starts at just $9.99 per month and goes all the way up to $39.99 per month (click here for a great breakdown of their fees)—an extremely low fee for companies with regularly-occurring small legal documents that need preparing. This amount of course could be cumbersome for one-off jobs, but very few small businesses have no need for more legal work in the coming year. You get a discount on their services if you pay for a year upfront and they have two packages of service, their “Basic Legal Plan” and their “Pro Legal Plan”.

Those looking for one-off jobs are generally drawn in my MyCorporation's or LegalZoom's pricing packages. MyCorporation offers incorporation papers for anywhere between $69 to $299, in a tiered model that allows you to customize the depth of your incorporation papers. Their trademark papers are $129+. 

LegalZoom, comparatively, has middle range-priced services for incorporations as they charge $99 for C-Corps, S-Corps and LLCs. To upgrade to LegalZoom's standard filing will cost $289, and the Express Gold package $359 (which includes a rush service, Tax ID and a plethora of other business forms). Not everything is cheaper though as their trademark registration fees are $169+.

One nice thing about LegalZoom's pricing, other than being extremely affordable even for one-offs, is that they offer plenty of add-ons that are clearly and affordably priced—so you can choose exactly the services you need. They even have a few free add-ons. LegalZoom offers personalized, real live person-based service for a small monthly service fee. All of their pricing is easily available by hovering over the desired service on their website, or simply click here.

Despite LegalZoom's inexpensive price points, they will still come out more expensive than RocketLawyer if you need to process a number of documents on a regular basis. The bonus about all of these though—is that their price points are clearly outlined on their websites, so no funny business.

Ease of Use

If you're a super newb in the legal world then you will fall in love with LegalZoom's platform as it is really easy to use for beginners thanks to its helpful explanations and guide-aided design. Also, their myriad of support options will ensure you find your path even if you are as lost as an ant in a greenhouse.

MyCorporation also has a clean interface but it can be a little more confusing than LegalZoom's. At first glance it is similar to LegalZoom's menus in terms of ease, as their navigation menu is clearly-labeled and intuitive. When you start nosing around though the ease-of-use quality unravels as things begin to crumble—like when the handy dandy drop-down menus suddenly disappears. Another detraction from MyCorporation's ease of use is that some of the better features are hard to find, like the MaintainMyBiz option and their small-business blog and helpful community.

RocketLawyer's interface might not be as clean-cut as the other two on the surface—but it packs a decent punch. It uses a three-pronged approach to help you navigate the confusing legal world. Step one is downloadable forms, step two is another copy of the document with Q&As and guidance on it to help you fill the forms out, and the third and final service is that their website will auto-populate your answers into a downloadable PDF.


MyCorporation offers 25 service options, which includes LLC, incorporation, trademarking, DBAs, Tax IDs, annual reporting, business licensing and registered-agent services—which when all put together creates the basics of all the legal stuff you need to start a business. What makes the decision tough though is that all three of these legal services have a sort of business-in-a-box approach to legal filings. In addition to the basics MyCorporation offers help to find you an accountant (but not an attorney—oddly) and has a great support community and blog to help small businesses—although small-business blog-based advice is a dime a dozen these days. What all these services bundle into though is a business-centric approach to filings which makes it a solid choice for new entrepreneurs. What new entrepreneurs will LOVE about MyCorporation's services is its MaintainMyBiz service, a 12-month package that keeps your business up-to-date with important legal documents while letting you file at your leisure as your business grows.

LegalZoom in comparison is the choice-du-jour for businesses looking to transfer an existing partnership or business into an LLC. While they will hold your hand through the C-Corp, S-Corp, Non-Profit AND LLC processes many new business creators opt for LegalZoom's for both their hand-holding AND their no-nonsense and well-rounded business approach. Very small businesses enjoy LegalZoom's service offering as they offer personal services as well, like will creation, divorce filings, and power-of-attorney designation. They also offer other business forms and services like corporate changes and filings, real estate forms, patents, copyrights, business-compliance forms, and more. Small businesses starting out who are unfamiliar with legal processes will love the step-by-step handholding, as you can process a trademark or other application in under five minutes.

Now on to RocketLawyer. RocketLawyer has a plethora of legal documents but their offering is better suited for slightly larger and/or established businesses. They have an extremely large selection of forms but less handholding, making them a solid choice for larger businesses with a wide-range of relatively simple legal needs.

So--is RocketLawyer, MyCorporation or LegalZoom the e-lawyer for you?

Additional Information
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